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Small Spray Bottle Does Not Spray Out Solution

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Inspect the spray bottle nozzle for foreign matter. The spray bottle nozzle often consists of one or more very small holes. If the lid is not closed in time after daily use, fine dust particles in the air will stick to the nozzle and cause blockage, which will prevent the spray bottle from spraying. If there is a lot of attachment on the spray bottle nozzle, wipe the nozzle clean with a towel, etc. If there are particles drilled into the nozzle hole, you can use a sharp object to pick out the particles.

Check if the print head has sunk. If you use too much force when using a spray bottle, it may cause the spray head to sink over a long period of time, and you cannot automatically return to the original position every time. If the nozzle of the spray bottle has sunk, then if you press the button at this time, you can't eject anything, so you need to pull the nozzle up to the same height as the original, and then the nozzle can return to the original position to spray.

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Shake the spray bottle. The nozzle of the spray column in the bottle is fixed at a position for a long time. When the objects in this position are sprayed, the remaining objects may not be uniform, which may cause the spray bottle to spray. If the uneven distribution of the objects in the bottle causes the spray bottle to spray, then you can shake the spray bottle up and down, left and right to make the remaining objects evenly distributed, and then you can spray things.

Turn the nozzle. If the direction of the spray head is fixed in a position for a long time, it can also cause the spray bottle to spray out. The spray head of the spray bottle is generally free to rotate. At this time, the spray head can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to help the spray bottle to spray things.

The pump component is broken. The pump is the core component of the spray bottle. If the component of the pump is broken, the spray bottle will be reimbursed. At this time, you can check the parts that make up the pump, and if possible, replace the parts and repair the pump. If the pump fails to repair, replace it with a new spray bottle.

Disassemble and check if the spray column is blocked. The key component of the spray column wet spray bottle is that if the spray column is blocked, it will not be able to spray. At this time, the spray bottle must be disassembled and the spray column cleaned to make the spray bottle spray out.

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