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5 Designs of Hot Sale Shampoo Bottle at Zhenghao

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Top 5: 8oz square HDPE shampoo bottle

description: special square design, rectangular shape, suitable for handwash packaging, hotel shampoo, body wash, etc. as you like.


Top 4: 300ml amber PET plastic shampoo bottle

description: amber color, when it go with other cap, it become another bottle with different usage. we use aluminum cap.


Top 3:800ml PET amber brown shampoo bottle

description: 800ml boston round shape, it looks like a bellied bottle. its wide bottom let it stand stably.


Top2:250ml 500ml round PET shampoo bottle

description: hot sale 250ml and 500ml boston round shape, compared to 800ml and 1000ml, this smaller size is very suitable for handwash, shampoo product.


Top 1:250ml squeeze shampoo conditioner bottle

description: hot sale flat design, can be squeezed, go with flip top cap, perfect for shampoo, conditioner. this is our new design shampoo bottle, when it came out, it got a lot of attention.


Find more designs of shampoo bottle?please contact us at Zhenghao.

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